Online LPN To BSN Program At Indiana State University

Now that you have been a Licensed Practical Nurse for a while, you are probably wondering where to from here, and the answer is very simple; an Online LPN to BSN Program at Indiana State University. An LPN to BSN course is one of the best moves that you could make in order to advance your nursing career, have more career choices, better employment opportunities and earn more money. Doing this course online makes a lot of sense as it is allows you to improve your lot whilst continuing to earn a living.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing will allow you to apply to take the NCLEX-RN exam and gain licensure as a Registered Nurse upon successful completion. Online LPN Programs are designed specifically for the working person, which means that you can study in your own time and at the pace that suits you, which means that it will not interfere with either your work or family life. Be warned though that it is not easy studying online, as it takes a lot of self-discipline and self-determination to study on your own.

Before choosing a college at which to study, research the topic thoroughly and look at all your options before making a choice. This information on Indiana State University’s online LPN to BSN program is to give you an insight into what this institution can offer you.

College Information

Indiana State University started off as an the Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute in 1865, and has gone through a few changes, including name-changes such as Indiana St. Teachers College in 1929, and Indiana State College in 1961. Since that day in 1870 when 23 students presented themselves to a faculty of three on the first day of classes at the Indiana State Normal School, it has come a far way. It was granted university status and renamed as Indiana State University by the Indiana General Assembly in 1965 in recognition of continued growth. Since then it has become a respectable and reputed institution for the study of associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.Indiana State University Programs

Indiana State has been named as one of the “Best in the Midwest” seven years running in the Princeton Review, and U.S. News & World Report recently named the College of Education’s Graduate Program as a ‘Top 100’. The ISU Graduate Program in Nursing was recognized as among the “Top 75′ in the nation by U.S. News. It also has a very diverse population of students, with many international students also attending classes there or studying online through ISU.

The contact details for the university are:

Department Of Baccalaureate Nursing Completion

Nursing Building Room 307


888.293.4842 opt 2

Program Information

Indiana State University’s College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services offers the only completely online RN training program in the U.S.  The program has distinguished itself as being one of the nation’s premier online nursing programs, and is accredited by the National League of Nursing (NLNAC).

ISU has partnered with The College Network™ to offer an accredited online LPN-BSN Track for licensed practical nurses to do a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in nursing, which does not include any classroom attendance at all.

Some of the benefits of this online LPN to BSN program are:

  • Complete your nursing courses (generally 40 hours) online with Indiana State University.
  • Complete the academic portion of your degree 100% online
  • Do your clinicals locally; no clinical testing.
  • Earn up to 67 credit hours through test-out and transfer
  • No out-of-state travel is required.
  • No waiting list, start immediately
  • No Classroom Attendance
  • Study at your own pace

ISU is focused on the success of their students, and as such they offer full academic support so as to ensure that you receive the necessary tools for academic success on your educational journey.

Admission Information

The application form for Indiana State University can be found on their website and it comes with a wealth of information in order to make applying for your chosen course as easy as possible. Information is given succinctly and in a step-by-step format so that you can see exactly what is necessary and how the whole process works.

Due to the fact that ISU also accepts international students for online programs and the variety of educational systems internationally, there are also various regulations regarding the demonstration of evidence of academic potential, financial responsibility and proficiency in the English language.

For specific questions and more information on the LPN to BSN Program contact:

Office of Admissions, Indiana State University
318 North Sixth Street, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA 47809-1904
1-800-GO-TO-ISU   |   812-237-2121   |  812-237-8023 (fax)   |   |

Program Requirements

In order to take part in the Indiana State University Online LPN to BSN program, you will need to be very self-disciplined as you will have to study on your own and that is not easy for everyone to do. The entire program is conducted online so that you will never have to attend any on-campus classes, but that does not mean that you cannot have interaction with your fellow students or lecturers.

To this end you will need to have access to a computer, a fast-speed Internet connection, an e-mail address, and the ability to submit, and retrieve documents and documentation electronically. Once enrolled you will be given access to an ISU email address. You will be required to use this address when corresponding with faculty or staff at ISU.

There are also forums and online chat-rooms that can be utilized in order to discuss the program and any problems that you might be experiencing.  ISU also makes use of LiveChat for one-on-one live discussions.

Admission Requirements

In order to apply to ISU, you will need to complete an application form and ensure that you comply with all their admission requirements:

You will need to submit:

  • Proof of your current LPN/LVN license, unrestricted in the state of residence or employment
  • A legible copy of state license or license number for verification
  • The Equivalent in your geographical location of clinical practicum or preceptorship
  • Current negative TB test results
  • A current CPR Card
  • Blood-borne pathogen test results
  • Proof of current Professional Liability Insurance coverage
  • Successful completion of an approved information technology literacy course
  • The full testing fee prior to taking any Challenge Exam

All of the compliance items mentioned must be kept current throughout the duration of the LPN to BSN program.

Students who are successful in their application to be admitted to Indiana State University may apply for conditional admission to the nursing major at sophomore level upon successful completion of the required prerequisite support courses, and credit by examination for specified nursing courses.

The following courses must be successfully challenged prior to admission being granted:

Required Prerequisite Nursing Courses (15 credits):

  • NURS 106 – Mental Health Aspects of Nursing Practice 2 credits
  • NURS 224 – Nursing Care of Adults I 5 credits
  • NURS 328 – Nursing Care of the Child and Family 4 credits
  • NURS 330 – Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family 4 credits

Required Prerequisite Support Courses (25 credits):

These courses may be taken in conventional community college or university setting or obtained through credit by examination.

  • BIO 274 – Introductory Microbiology 2 credits
  • BIO 274L – Introductory Microbiology Laboratory 1 credits
  • COMM 101 – Introduction to Speech Communication 3 credits
  • ENG 107 – Rhetoric and Writing 3 credits
  • PSY 101 – General Psychology: Understanding Human Behavior 3 credits
  • Quantitative Literacy Requirement: 3 credits

If you require more information:

General Info:

Complete a request for information on the website

Call 1.888.293.4842 option 2

California LPN-BS residents must call 1.800.496.9613

Regarding Clinical Contracts:

Phone: Mark Schaffer at 812.237.3019



Phone: Millie Adkins at 1.800.496.9613


Plan of Study

The Indiana State University offers the following options for your LPN to BSN online course:

Choose a pair of the following:

  • ATTR 210 – Human Anatomy for Allied Health Professions 2 credits
  • ATTR 210L – Human Anatomy for Allied Health Professions Laboratory 1 credits


  • BIO 231 – Human Anatomy 2 credits
  • BIO 231L – Human Anatomy Laboratory 1 credits

Choose a pair of the following:

  • PE 220 – Human Physiology for Allied Health Professions 2 credits
  • PE 220L – Human Physiology for Allied Health Professions Laboratory 1 credits


  • BIO 241 – Human Physiology 2 credits
  • BIO 241L – Human Physiology Laboratory 1 credits

Choose one pair of the following:

  • CHEM 100 – Chemistry: Reactions and Reason 3 credits
  • CHEM 100L – Chemistry: Reactions and Reason Laboratory 1 credits


  • Higher level chemistry course and laboratory

Required Nursing Courses for the Major (41 credits):

  • NURS 208 – Transition from L.P.N. to B.S.N. 3 credits
  • NURS 226 – Nursing in Mental Illness 3 credits
  • NURS 304 – Comprehensive Health Assessment for Nursing Practice 4 credits
  • NURS 318 – Nursing Care of Families in Stress and Crisis 3 credits
  • NURS 322 – Research/Theoretical Basis for Nursing Practice 3 credits
  • NURS 324 – Nursing Care of Adults II 5 credits
  • NURS 424 – Nursing Care of Adults III 5 credits
  • NURS 450 – Population-Focused Community Health Nursing 6 credits
  • NURS 470 – Nursing Leadership 3 credits
  • NURS 484 – Reflective Nursing Practice 3 credits
  • NURS 486 – Professional Nursing Synthesis 3 credits


In order to progress in the nursing program you will need to meet the nursing course prerequisites as identified in the course descriptions. It is strongly recommended that you consult with the academic advisor regarding your program of study.

Required Support Courses for the Major (15 credits):

The following courses may be taken at a university or community college, or obtained through credit by exam:

  • BIO 412 – Pathophysiology 2-3 credits
  • ENG 305 – Advanced Expository Writing 3 credits
  • SOC 100 – Foundations of Social Life 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

  • EPSY 221 – Developmental Psychology 3 credits
  • AHS  103 – Human Development within the Family Context 3 credits
  • PSY   266 – Developmental Psychology 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

  • EPSY 302 – Introduction to Applied Psychological Statistics 3 credits
  • AHS   340 – Health Bio-statistics 3 credits
  • Any college level statistics course


Additional credits in basic studies, elective and liberal studies courses are necessary to achieve the 124 minimum credits required for graduation.


Assessment of academic fees is based on whether the student is registered as an undergraduate or graduate student and not the level of courses the student may be taking.

Indiana Residents

Undergraduate Fees 0.5 - 11.5 credits: $282.00 (per credit hour)
12-18 credits: $3,891.00 (per semester)
Above 18 credits: $4,522.00 (per semester)
Distance learning fee: $30 (per course)
Graduate FeesFee per credit hour: $353.00
Distance learning fee: $50 (per course)
In addition:
Students are also charged laboratory fees, course fees, and/or applied music fees in certain classes for supplies and equipment usage, and/or special instruction/supervision.
Nursing students enrolled in specific nursing courses are also charged a clinical education and faculty course fee.
In addition, students are required to purchase textbooks for the respective programs.

Out-of-state residents and International students are eligible for the following rates if these conditions are met:

  1. Individuals must be admitted to an ISU distance degree or program;
  2. Individuals must declare themselves to be distance students by checking the distance box on their application for admission to Indiana State University;
  3. Enroll only in distance courses.

Out-of-state residents who do not meet the above three conditions pay other rates for on-campus study. (Check website for other rates)

Out-of-State Residents

Undergraduate Fees 0.5 - 11.5 credits: $353.00 (per credit hour)
12-18 credits: $4,864.00 (per semester)
Above 18 credits: $5,652.00 (per semester)
Distance learning fee: $30 (per course)
Graduate FeesFee per credit hour: $441.00
Distance learning fee: $50 (per course)
In addition:
Students are also charged laboratory fees, course fees, and/or applied music fees in certain classes for supplies and equipment usage, and/or special instruction/supervision.
Nursing students enrolled in specific nursing courses are also charged a clinical education and faculty course fee.
In addition, students are required to purchase textbooks for the respective programs.

International Students

Undergraduate Fees 0.5 - 11.5 credits: $353.00 (per credit hour)
12-18 credits: $4,864.00 (per semester)
Above 18 credits: $5,652.00 (per semester)
Distance learning fee: $30 (per course)
Graduate FeesFee per credit hour: $441.00
Distance learning fee: $50 (per course)
In addition:
Students are also charged laboratory fees, course fees, and/or applied music fees in certain classes for supplies and equipment usage, and/or special instruction/supervision.
Nursing students enrolled in specific nursing courses are also charged a clinical education and faculty course fee.
In addition, students are required to purchase textbooks for the respective programs.


The University Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees at any time in the future. The right to correct errors is also reserved.

Loans and Scholarships

ISU offers many scholarships – check the website for details.

You can also apply for federal financial assistance via FAFSA by visiting and completing the free application.

In addition to the above financial assistance, you may also be able to access the following emergency funding:

Nursing Student Emergency Fund

Sycamore Emergency Loan


Indiana State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1915. It received a 10 year accreditation to continue practicing for another ten years in 2010.

Apart from the above accreditation ISU also has individual programs accredited:

The Nursing Program is approved by the Indiana State Board of Nursing and by The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission, Inc.

Carnegie’s new Curricular Engagement and Outreach & Partnerships category recognizing substantial commitments to both an academic approach to mutually beneficial and respectful community collaboration and extensive outreach and partnerships also includes Indiana State University on its listing.

The Online LPN To ADN Option At Davidson County Community College

If you have been working as a Licensed Practical Nurse for a while you may be thinking of improving your qualifications and hence your chances of getting a better-paid job. One way to achieve this is by taking one of the many online LPN programs on offer from various colleges and universities, such as the LPN to ADN qualification offered by the Davidson County Community College.

An Associate Degree Nursing qualification is a two year degree in nursing. Once you have completed the program you will be an LPN with an ADN, unless you decide to sit for the NCLEX exam. Once you sit for and pass the exam you will be a qualified Registered Nurse.

The Davidson County Community College Online LPN to ADN qualification is one of the best ways to improve your education and income whilst still working as an LPN. Studying online takes a lot of self-discipline and self-motivation, but it also allows you to study at your own pace and when it suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

College Information

The college has been in existence since 1958, and has functioned under the name Davidson County Community College since 1965. The school has been growing steadily since, and currently has two emergency services training facilities and thirteen other buildings, located on roughly 97 acres. Davidson County Community College also has three satellite campuses and in excess of sixteen thousand students.

DCCC has partnerships with the American Heart Association Training Center, serving AHA instructors for DCCC, Sandhills Community College, Fayetteville Technical Community College, and various individuals throughout the area.

They also have partnerships with an Approved EMS Teaching Institution through the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services; Approved Fire/Rescue Teaching Institution through the North Carolina Department of Insurance and Office of the State Fire Marshal and Approved Criminal Justice Teaching Institution through the North Carolina Criminal Justice Training and Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Training and Standards Commission

DCCC has an annual Emergency Services Weekend Seminar which attracts in excess of five hundred students from across the state and a pinning ceremony every May for Medical Assisting and Nursing graduates.

The college can be contacted via DCCC Live, which is a 24/7 information service where you can submit a written request, go through the Q&A, or call 336-249-8186 to have a live chat with a college representative.

Davidson Campus 336.249.8186 (24/7 Support)
Davie Campus 336.751.2885
P.O. Box 1287
Lexington, NC 27293

Program Information

Davidson County Community College’s LPN to ADN Option is a two semester on-line/hybrid degree program that provides quality learning opportunities in order to prepare individuals for their future employment in the nursing field. It includes a clinical component.Davidson County Community College

This course is specifically designed for the working LPN, so all class-work can be done in your own time and at your home, except for specified activities such as orientations and tests.

Clinical hours can be done at your place of employment if you are currently employed in a suitable facility, but not in the same unit in which you normally work. They can also be done at any health care facility in the area in which you reside. You will have to find a facility that can provide you with a preceptor for your clinical hours and a minimum of one semester must be done in an acute-care facility.

Admission Information

In order to be accepted into the Davidson County Community College’s Online LPN to ADN Option program you need to first apply for admission to the college. In order to do this you will need to access the intent form online. This intent form will contain all the relevant detailed information that you will require regarding the application, selection, ranking process and legalities related to the nursing program that you intend taking.

Your DCCC Application for Admission and all official transcripts must be submitted in order for the file review process to begin. Once available, the LPN to ADN Intent Form will also be required. It is your responsibility to confirm that all the required documents, grades, scores and official transcripts have been received by the Admissions Office by the application deadline.

Eligible students are selected based on results from LPN-level predictive testing which is very similar to the NCLEX-PN exam.

If you have any further questions regarding your application for admission you can contact the college:

Program Contact
Ronald Jones
336.249.8186, ext. 6206

Registration by Mail

DCCC Registration
P.O. Box 1287
Lexington, NC 27293-1287

Registration by Fax

Fax to 336.249.0379

Attention: DCCC Registration.

Program Requirements

You can do the coursework for the DCCC LPN to ADN Option wherever it suits you to do it, and can also do the clinical component at a facility in your area of residence, as long as you ensure that there is a preceptor for your clinical hours.

Studying online is not an easy task, and it requires some computer skills and various programs. In order to take part in this program you will need to have effective computer skills, and active e-mail address, and access to a computer with the minimum requirements for online study.

DCCC uses Moodle and Blackboard to manage its online courses, and because of the fact that they are aware that most people do not have the programs and are not familiar with these learning methods, they have excellent resources on their website to help you work out how to use the programs. The website also has useful information and tips on using some of the other technological resources that they make use of such as:

  • Echo360
  • Elluminate
  • Google
  • JING
  • Skype

Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into the LPN to ADN Option program:

You must be in possession of a current Practical Nurse license and must have been working as an LPN for a minimum of twelve months full-time, or the part-time equivalent to 12 months, in a surgical or medical unit of an acute-care or skilled nursing facility within the last four years. This requirement is mandatory and there are no exceptions.

You will be required to undergo a Health Evaluation, a Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening for Accepted Allied Health and Nursing Students

There are a number of prerequisite courses that need to be completed before you can be accepted into the program, as well as the many courses required for the qualification. In order to do the LPN to ADN Option program offered by Davidson County Community College, you must meet the following requirements:

Pre-curriculum Scores and Courses

You must show a basic competency in the following courses, which can be done by either taking the courses or by attaining acceptable Accuplacer scores:


  • MAT 070
  • MAT 140


  • CTS 080
  • CIS 110/111


  • Basic Skills
  • MAT 060


  • Basic Skills
  • RED 080
  • RED 090


  • Basic Skills
  • ENG 080
  • ENG 090/090A
  • ENG 111

Math proficiency – MAT 070 Introductory Algebra or higher (Applicants who do not have college credits in Algebra and/or English may be required to complete a placement assessment before being accepted into the program)

Plan Of Study

During the course of your studies you will need to complete the following courses in order to successfully complete your LPN to ADN qualification:

Prerequisite and Co-requisite courses (shown in parentheses)

The following support classes must be completed at a regionally accredited institution prior to eligibility for program selection. You are required to attain a grade of C or higher in the following courses before you can move on to NUR 221:

  • BIO 165 Anatomy and Physiology 1 (RED 090) – 4 Credit Hours
  • BIO 166 Anatomy and Physiology 2 (BIO 165) – 4 Credit Hours

Physiology I & II and Anatomy must be from the same institution

  • ENG 111 Expository Writing (ENG 095 & CTS 080) – 3 Credit Hours
  • ENG 112, 113, or 114 English (ENG 111) – 3 Credit Hours
  • PSY 241 Lifespan Psychology (PSY 115) – 3 Credit Hours
  • PSY 150 General Psychology (RED 090) – 4 Credit Hours
  • Communications Elective (COM 110, 120, or 231) – 4 Credit Hours
  • Humanities Elective (ENG 095) – 3 Credit Hours

Each of the two courses requires 120 hours of UNPAID clinical practice, under the direct supervision of an RN. It may be done at your place of work but not within the same unit. Clinical practice must be completed within North Carolina final approval of facilities and preceptor(s) must be done by the nursing faculty.

Upon successful completion of the two semesters you will graduate with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing and be eligible to take the National Registry for your Registered Nurse status.


Davidson County Community College receives financial support from local, state and Federal sources, which allows it to keep tuition to the minimum. The tuition charges are set by the State Legislature and are subject to change by the North Carolina General Assembly without notice.

Credit Hours NC Resident/
In-state Tuition
Out-of-state Tuition
16 or more$1064.00$4,136.00

In addition to the above fees you will have other charges that must be paid:

Accident Insurance Fee $ 1.25 per semester

CAPS Fee (Campus Access, Parking, Security) $ 15.00 per semester

Student Activity Fee $32.50 maximum per semester

Technology Fee $16.00 maximum per semester

There are also other fees that are course specific:

  • Bowling Fee – $ 65.00
  • Drug Testing Fee – $ 33.50
  • Fuel Surcharge Fee varies based on price of fuel
  • HVAC Supply Fee – $ 10.00
  • Liability Insurance Fee – $ 8.00
  • Massage Therapy Supply Fee – $350.00
  • ZAS Internship Fee – $ 75.00
  • ZAS Vaccination Fee – $685.00

In order to ascertain what additional fees you will need to pay it is recommended that you consult with the Admissions Office.

Loans And Scholarships

At Davidson County Community College there are two types of aid:

  • Self-help aid in the form of loans and work-study – the loans must be repaid, and it is up to you to be responsible for that; work-study is where you work for wages through a campus-designated position.
  • Gift-aid in the form of grants and scholarships – this is money that generally need not be repaid as long as you meet the requirements.

There are specific opportunities for scholarships and grants for nursing programs, and you can access these details from the Financial Aid Office.

All financial help given to students at DCCC must go through FAFSA. This requires that you complete a general admissions form and a FAFSA form, both of which must be submitted a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the start of the term.

Application for financial aid must be done every year, and this is best done as soon after January 1st as possible, and by March 30th at the latest.

For more information on the above and other options of financial aid:

Location: B.E. Mendenhall Building, Jr. Building (upper level)
Hours of Operation: Monday & Tuesday 8 a.m. – 6 pm
Wednesday & Thursday 8 a.m. – 5 pm
Friday 8 a.m. – 12 noon
Fax number: 336.224.0240


Studying at a college or university that is not accredited is not a good idea as it may cost you in the long run, as you will not be able to register unless the course was accredited. This will cost you jobs, so it is important that you only study with accredited institutions.

Davidson County Community College is accredited by:

The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 Phone 404.679.4500

It also carries the following accreditations:

The National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission

3343 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, Georgia. 30326 Phone 404.975.5000

The Approved EMS Teaching Institution, through the NC Office of Emergency Medical Sciences

The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS)

The American Association of Medical Assisting

The NC State Board of Cosmetology

The Online LPN To RN Bridge Program At Chamberlain University

Becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is a great achievement, but it should be seen as only the first step in your nursing career. Once you have been working as a LPN for a while you may find yourself getting bored and wanting to do more. This is where doing an online LPN to RN Bridge Program is the best way to move your way up the nursing ladder. An online program is so much better than attending classes on campus, as it allows you to continue working whilst continuing your ongoing education after hours and weekends, in the comfort of your own home.

There are several colleges and universities that offer both on-campus and online LPN to RN Bridge Programs, including Chamberlain University, which is a revered and reputable institution of many years standing.

College Information

Chamberlain College of Nursing has been in existence since 1889, and was formerly know as Deaconess College of Nursing. It started off as a diploma school of nursing, but has evolved over the past 123 years into one of very few colleges that offer online LPN programs that serve the field of nursing exclusively.

Online EducationThe Deaconess name stemmed from the Deaconess tradition of 19th-Century Europe, which was started by Theodore Fliedner of Kaiserswerth, Germany, who established the initial Deaconess Home and Hospital in 1836. Fliedner invited young single women to join in the Deaconess Sisterhood to assist him in his mission. The word deaconess means “one who is devoted to service,” an none was more so than one of his early students, the young English woman, Florence Nightingale, who became the founder of modern professional nursing as we know it today.

The name-change happened because the college was sold to DeVry Inc. in 2005, and one of the terms of sale was that they could only continue to use the name until the end of September 2006. Chamberlain was chosen because it is a derivative of the word “chaumberlein,” which means “chief steward,” which alludes to the critical role that the nurse plays in patient care.

Chamberlain’s mission is “to provide educational nursing programs in an environment of mutual commitment and accountability among students, faculty, administration and staff” and it is consistent with their philosophy of “a commitment to excellence in the profession of nursing and quality education.”

You can contact the university via a contact form on their website or by telephone or e-mail:

Chamberlain National Headquarters

3005 Highland Parkway

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Toll-Free: 888-556-8CCN (8226)

Fax: 630-512-8888



Program Information

Chamberlain’s onsite and online LPN to RN bridge option is a degree completion program for qualified Licensed Practical Nurses wishing to pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing and become Registered Nurses. It is specifically designed to meet the changing healthcare needs of the American society and the changing learning needs of students. The program can be done online or on-site at Chamberlain’s Columbus, Ohio campus.

LPN to RN Bridge students are granted up to 10 credit hours, consisting of 7 in nursing and 3 in general education towards an Associate Degree in Nursing. The hours are awarded through the Chamberlain College Articulation Plan, otherwise known as CCAP, and they represent credit for knowledge acquired in previous practical nurse education programs.

The content taken into consideration for credit awarded includes both theoretical training and hands-on experience in basic maternal nursing and nursing of newborns, the nursing of children, adults, geriatric patients, and mental health nursing as well as developmental psychology.

LPN students must successfully pass a validation test of adult health content in order to receive this transfer credit. The test for this is part of the course requirement for NR 225 – Transitions in Professional Nursing.

Admission Information

Applying for admission to Chamberlain’s Undergraduate Degree Programs is very simple. You can either apply online or download an application form in PDF format. Either mail or fax the admission documents to the address indicated on the application.

Make sure to read the Instructions for Applying to Chamberlain’s Undergraduate Degree Program before submitting your application so as to ensure that you have included everything that is required of you. Also read the program requirements of the program in which you wish to enroll.

You will have to undergo an interview with a Chamberlain admission representative. Once all the all admission requirements are fulfilled you will be advised in writing of your admission status to a specific Chamberlain program and location. Each location or online program arranges their own registration and orientation schedules.

If you have any further questions regarding your application you can contact:

Toll-free 888-556-8226

Program Requirements

The coursework can be completed online from anywhere, but the clinical requirements must be fulfilled at the Columbus, Ohio campus. An online didactic delivery model is utilized for parts of the curriculum.

This online LPN program requires that you have a high-speed cable, LAN or DSL Internet connection. You will need to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. Java 1.5 or higher needs to be enabled, and you will need Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Apple QuickTime Player, Citrix Receiver Client, and an e-mail account. It is recommended that you use the email address provided to all students by Chamberlain. All courses will include information for obtaining and installing the appropriate plug-ins, information regarding technical requirements and a helpline number should you require any assistance.

Regular interaction with the faculty, live interactive chat sessions between students and faculty, and virtual labs for laboratory-based general education courses make this online LPN program great. It is a very structured course as far as instruction goes, with regular testing and weekly assignments.

Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into the Chamberlain College Articulation Program you must complete an application and be accepted into Chamberlain College.

In order to In order to qualify for admission you will need:

  1. A minimum high school cumulative GPA (CGPA) of 2.75 or a minimum college CGPA of 2.75. The college CPGA must include 24 or more credit hours, excluding developmental courses, from an accredited institution. CGPA achieved in the last five years may take precedence over a prior CGPA. Failure to disclose attendance at other colleges is grounds for denial of admission or for dismissal.
  2. A minimum ACT composite score of 21, minimum SAT critical reading and mathematics reasoning (CR-M) score of 990, or a minimum A2 Admission Assessment score of 75.
  3. All applicants for pre-licensure programs are required to complete the A2 Admissions Assessment test prior to admission. A student may retake the A2 Admission Assessment test only once after a three-day waiting period and within 30 days of submitting the Application for Admission at no charge. (A retesting fee will be charged, or will apply, after 30 days from application.)
  4. To provide evidence of an active, current LVN or LPN license issued in the United States of from a jurisdiction that is an associate member of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).
  5. To maintain licensure throughout your program of study

Plan Of Study

The LPN to RN bridge program is a two-year program, and you will need to complete all the following subjects in order to pass and become an RN. This online LPN program requires dedication and commitment, so make sure that you have what it takes before embarking on this journey.

Your curriculum is as follows:

Year 1

Semester 1

First Session

  • BIOS-251: Anatomy and Physiology 1
  • BIOS-271: Microbiology and Chemistry 1
  • MATH-114: Algebra for College Students

Second Session

  • BIOS-252: Anatomy and Physiology 2
  • BIOS-272: Microbiology and Chemistry 2
  • ENGL-112: Composition

Semester 2

First Session

  • NR-130: Pharmacology for Nurses
  • BIOS-255: Anatomy and Physiology 3
  • SPCH-277: Interpersonal Communication

Second Session

  • NR-225: Transitions in Professional Nursing
  • BIOS-256: Anatomy and Physiology 4

Semester 3

First Session

  • NR-250: Adult Health 1
  • NR-281: Pathophysiology 1

Second Session

  • NR-252: Adult Health 2
  • NR-282: Pathophysiology 2

Year 2

Semester 1

First Session

  • NR-260: Nursing Care of Children
  • ETCH-232: Ethical and Legal Issues in the Profession

Second Session

  • NR-262: Maternal Child Nursing

Semester 2

First Session

  • NR-284: Mental Health Nursing
  • SOCS-185: Culture and Society

Second Session

  • NR-285: Multi-System Nursing Care
  • NR-290: Management Concepts Applied to Nursing


The online LPN to RN bridge program requires a total of 65 credit hours over five semesters and ten sessions. The following table delineates the costs involved with this program:

LPN to RN Option
Credit Hours: 65 | Semesters: 5 | Sessions: 10
Application Fee (one-time)$ 95
Background Check/Drug Screening (one-time)$ 150
Tuition Per Credit Hour 1-6/session$ 665
Tuition Per Credit Hour for Hours 7 and Above/session$ 100
Total Tuition$ 40 400
Group Accident & Sickness Insurance$ 2 664
Student Services Charge$ 1 500
Textbook & Equipment Expense$ 3 500
Total Program Cost$ 47 781

Although nearly $ 48 000 may seem expensive to you, remember the end goal, which is to improve your education, which will increase your chances of employment in the nursing profession and afford you an increased salary.

There are many similar programs offered, but they are not all accredited, and it does not follow that the cheapest is bad or the most expensive is the best. It is for this reason that you should not try to base your decision as to which school you will attend purely on the cost of the program. Weigh your options carefully and choose the best school for your particular circumstances and needs.

Loans and Scholarships

Just because you are doing your LPN to RN training online does not mean that you are not eligible for financial assistance. There are many financial aid programs and scholarships available for LPN nurses to avail themselves of in order to complete their education at Chamberlain University.Loans And Scholarships

Chamberlain University assists nursing students to develop plans for financing their education via combination of financial assistance programs, employer tuition reimbursement, family contributions, and the Chamberlain College of Nursing payment plans.  There are also many grants, loans, scholarships and work study programs available:

The first step that you need to take to find out if you qualify for financial assistance is to complete and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which serves as an application for all federal and most state student aid programs.


Grants are financial aid that does not ordinarily need to be repaid. There are criteria that must be met in order to qualify.  Grants you may qualify for are:

  • Chamberlain Access Grants (CAG)
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)
  • State-Funded Programs

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

FWS is a program whereby students in financial need can earn a portion of their educational expenses by working at the school, private agencies, or non-profit institutions at a fee equivalent to the current hourly minimum wage. Chamberlain College assists students to locate employment in these cases.

Federal Stafford Loans

These are student loans offered by the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program at very low interest rates, and are repayable 6 months after graduation or when a student drops below six credit hours per term. There are two types available:

  • Subsidized Stafford Loan
  • Unsubsidized Stafford Loan


There are also various scholarships available for those who qualify for them:

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Chief Steward Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Navigate to Nursing (N2N) Scholarship Program
  • Next Generation Scholarship
  • Nightingale Scholarship
  • President’s Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships

  • Clinical Educator Scholarship
  • Working Parent Scholarship

CampusRN Scholarship Fund

The CampusRN Scholarship Fund offers scholarships in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Texas,  and Virginia.


When it comes to any form of study, especially an LPN program, it is best that you ensure that the institution through which you do your course is accredited, or you will not be taken seriously in the medical or nursing profession and it could cost you dearly.  Most prospective employers require that their staff have qualified from an accredited school because the accreditation signifies that the school adheres to strict standards laid down by the various accrediting bodies.

Chamberlain College of Nursing is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, which is one of the six regional agencies that accredit U.S. colleges and universities at the institutional level.  It is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Chamberlain’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at the Addison, Arlington, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Jacksonville, Miramar, Phoenix and St. Louis locations and their Master of Science in Nursing degree program are both accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

In addition, their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and Associate Degree in Nursing program at the Columbus location are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Online LPN Programs At Dover Business College

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse, then one of the easiest ways to do so is to do an online LPN course such as the one offered at Dover Business College. Online LPN Programs are designed for the busy person who needs to either raise a family or continue working whilst studying to improve their education and job prospects.

The most vital thing about whichever institution you choose to study at is that it is accredited; if it is not you will not be able to sit for the NCLEX-PN examination, which means that you will not be able to obtain licensure and this will count against you when seeking employment.

When doing your research into which institution to attend, remember to also look at reviews posted by past students. These reviews will give you an inside track on the college, what the course is all about and whether graduates find employment easily after qualifying or not. Make sure that you read as many reviews as possible, as only two or three may give you a skewed insight.

This article serves to help you in your research by offering you some detailed and important information regarding the online LPN Programs at Dover Business College by putting all the pertinent information in one place. Do thorough research before deciding on which college is the best for your particular circumstances.

College Information

Dover Business College has been in the business of education for the past 53 years, and is a nationally accredited college. It has a proud history of successfully preparing students for professional careers and integrates general education, ethical practices, a career-focused education and professional competencies for a holistic teaching model.

Dover Business College prides itself on the welcoming environment that it has developed for its students, as the faculty believes that this type of welcoming and supportive environment is inducive to the achievement of great things for students of all backgrounds. Graduates of Dover Business College go on to become successful in their careers whilst living responsible and embracing lifelong learning.

Dover Business College strives to teach its students to develop critical thinking, communicate ideas effectively, achieve self-knowledge, distinguish among values and make relevant judgments, thereby equipping them with the ability to be able to function and adapt within a very diverse global environment.

Dover believes that its student-centered educational environment is supportive and best maximizes their ability to afford students the potential for achievement by offering constant accessibility to personal, academic, and career counseling.

Curricula and cocurricular activities are constantly reevaluated in order to provide a relevant and meaningful learning experience which will result in graduates being stimulated to continue a lifelong pattern of learning and personal and academic growth.

DBC also adapts to changing needs in the workplace and enhances the student experience by remaining current through its strategic alliances with corporate, community, and non-profit partners.

General Information: 1-866-GO DOVER (1-866-463-6837)


Transcript Request

15 East Blackwell Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Telephone: 973-366-6700

600 Getty Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011
Telephone: 973-546-0123

Hours Of Operation

The Admissions Office at Dover Business College is open:

Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

Friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm

Saturday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm

Program Information

Graduates of Dover Business College’s online LPN programs are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-PN licensure exam, the passing of which is required in order to become registered as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The college has a 94.7% NCLEX-PN first-time pass rate, according to the New Jersey State Board of Nursing.

The online LPN program offered by Dover Business College is designed to equip graduates to be able to work in various settings, including physicians’ offices, dental surgeons’ offices, nursing homes, home health care settings hospitals, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, clinics, urgent care centers, and more.Online Dover College

The Online LPN Program includes a certain portion of clinical work in an actual clinical setting. You will learn how to start intravenous fluids, observe patients, and prepare patients; measure and record patients’ vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, height, and temperature. You will also be taught how to answer patients’ calls and determine how to assist them, provide basic patient care and treatments, administer prescribed medications, and sterilize equipment and supplies using sterilizer, germicides, or autoclave. You will work as an important member of a health care team, collect samples, and assemble and use various pieces of equipment.

The placement rate for the Practical Nurse program is 80%, according to calculations done in accordance with ACICS reporting guidelines.

Admission Information

A GED or graduation certificate from high school plus an entrance exam are the basic requirements for admission into this college. It is strongly recommended that you go for a personal interview.

Dover maintains a rolling admission policy, which means that you should apply as soon as possible in order to gain access to your chosen online LPN course. Applicants are notified by the Committee on Admission as to their status, once all credentials have been evaluated.

Program Requirements

The great thing about online LPN programs is that you can study wherever and whenever it suits you to do so. There is a clinical portion of the course which is a hands-on training, and this can be completed in the on-campus nursing lab. This practical experience is very necessary in order to prepare you for clinical experience in the real world.

As with all online courses, you will need certain technological equipment in order to take part in the online LPN programs offered by Dover Business College. This includes access to a decent computer, ADSL or comparative Internet access, a fair amount of computer acumen, a current e-mail address, programs that can play online videos and a telephone.

Do not despair if you are not that great with all things technical though, as the college will provide you with all the information required to successfully study online.

Just because you are studying online does not mean that you will never have communication with your lecturers; Dover lecturers are responsible and attentive and always available to help you. You can contact them by telephone or e-mail, and you can also request face-to-face meetings should you so wish.

Admission Requirements

Apart from the usual admission requirements for High School, Transfer, and Adult students, Nursing applicants are required to:

  • Complete an essay, take an entrance exam and undergo a personal interview
  • Undergo a physical assessment by a licensed physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or physician assistant. This assessment must be submitted prior to enrolling in clinical courses
  • Provide a thorough history of immunization and communicable diseases as per the requirements of affiliating agencies and New Jersey regulations
  • Give written consent to the college to conduct a criminal history background check on you prior to registration

Contact the Director of Admissions at the campus of your choice to arrange for an appointment with an admissions counselor. You can also email the college at for further information or to arrange an interview.

Call 1-866-GO-DOVER (1-866-463-6837) today to make an appointment.

Plan Of Study

Unfortunately the Dover Business College website does not give information as to the curriculum of the Online LPN Program, but they do state what all you will learn, including:


You will be trained in various tools of the trade

  • Needles – the different type of needles and their uses
  • Nebulizers or accessories – different types of nebulizers and how to use them
  • Patient care beds or accessories for specialty care – when and how to use these
  • Patient stabilization or fall prevention devices or accessories – when, why and how
  • Spirometers, accessories and supplies – various types and their uses


You will be taught how to use various types of software necessary to practice as a LPN:

  • Medical software – EMR software, PDA medical software, Telephone triage software
  • Office suite software — Microsoft Office software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Word processing software
  • Calendar and scheduling software — scheduling software


You will be given the basic knowledge needed to perform your duties and functions as an LPN

  • Administration and Management — Knowledge of business and management principles involved in production methods, resource allocation, human resources modeling, strategic planning, leadership technique, and coordination of people and resources.
    Biology — Knowledge of plant and animal organisms, their cells, functions, tissues, interdependencies, and interactions with the environment and each other.
  • Customer and Personal Service – principles and processes for providing personal and customer services
  • English Language — Knowledge of the content and structure of the English language including rules of composition, the spelling and definition of words, and grammar.
  • Education and Training — Knowledge of principles and methods for teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, curriculum and training design, and the measurement of training effects.
  • Mathematics — Knowledge of algebra, calculus, arithmetic, geometry, statistics, and their applications.
  • Medicine and Dentistry — Knowledge of the information and techniques needed to diagnose and treat human injuries, diseases, and deformities. This includes symptoms, drug properties and interactions, treatment alternatives and preventive health-care measures.
  • Psychology — Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in personality, ability, and interests; psychological research methods; learning and motivation; and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.
  • Therapy and Counseling — Knowledge of methods, principles, and procedures for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of mental and physical dysfunctions, and for career counseling and guidance.


Tuition is payable in advance and may be made by mail or in person.  Payments are to be made to the Bursar, and you may make use of cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards. Tuition and fees are billed by the quarter, and it is your responsibility to obtain a quarterly bill from the Bursar.

Tuition and fees – $ 24 630

Books and supplies – $ 870

Testing fees for your first certification examination are included in the tuition.

Remember that although finances may be important to you, it is not wise to base your choice of school purely on the cost of the online LPN program. Not all schools that charge high tuition fees are the best, as you are sometimes just paying astronomical fees for the school’s reputation whilst that particular program may only be average. Some cheaper institutions, such as community colleges, may charge less because they receive state or federal funding yet may have some of the best programs.

Loans And Scholarships

Dover Business College affords you the opportunity to access various types of funding, including:

  • Benefits for Veterans
  • Grants
  • Federal Loans
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students
  • Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity
  • Scholarships and Awards

In order to access any of the above you will need to complete and submit a free FAFSA form. This form can be submitted to the Dover Business College Financial Aid Office in person or it can be done online. Additional documentation to support your request for financial assistance, including signed copies of federal income tax returns may be requested of you by the Financial Aid Office.

All funding for this course, whether scholarships or loans must go through FAFSA, and students will need to apply every year for funding. Financial aid will be awarded based upon need.

Dover Business College aid is awarded by the Financial Aid Director, according to the institutional guidelines for each aid program.

There are also many employers who offer loans or a work program for their staff who seek to improve their knowledge by studying further, especially for accredited Online LPN Programs.


Dover Business College is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award diplomas. ACICS is a nationally recognized accrediting agency as per the United States Department of Education and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Dover Business College campuses are also approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to operate as private vocational schools.

The Practical Nurse program is accredited by the New Jersey Board of Nursing.

If you have any queries regarding accreditation you can contact the relevant body:

Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
750 First Street NE, Suite 980
Washington, DC 20002-4241

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)
1361 Park Street
Clearwater, FL 33756

New Jersey Board of Nursing
124 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07120

Online LPN To RN Bridge Program At Hutchinson Community College

When looking into improving your career prospects in the nursing field, one of the options available to you is to do an Online LPN to RN Bridge Program such as the one offered at Hutchinson Community College.

Although there are a number of online programs available, it is important that you ensure that you do sufficient research into which will be the best institution for you to study through. Be sure to only do your courses thorough institutions that are reputable and are accredited or you will be wasting your time and money.

The most compelling reasons to study to upgrade from a Licensed Practical Nurse to a Registered Nurse is the fact that you will earn more and will have far more employment opportunities. Getting your licensure as a registered nurse is also only the first step in the many that you can study for in order to work your way up into a position of seniority in the hospital or institute at which you are employed.

The aim of the following article is to give you an insight into the online LPN to RN Bridge Program offered by Hutchinson Community College as part of your research into the best online program for you.

College Information

Hutchinson Junior College was established as a newly constructed addition to Hutchinson High School in 1928, with a total enrolment of 187 students. In 1938, the Board of Education acquired land on Plum Street and built Lockman Hall, after which the college continued expanding as needed, to include various other buildings and sports fields. In 1965 the college changed its name to Hutchinson Community Junior College, and it was subsequently changed again to its present name in 1980.

Hutchinson Community College merged with the local vocational school in 1993 and was renamed Hutchinson Community College and Area Vocational School. The college has two off-campus sites, Newton and McPherson, and the licensed practical nursing program is offered by HCC at McPherson Memorial Hospital.

The college website has loads more information and you can schedule a tour of the facilities or even take a virtual tour right there on the website.

You can contact Hutchinson Junior College for further information if necessary:

Phone Numbers

  • Emergency & After Hours (After 4:30pm evenings): (620) 665-3379
  • Information Center & General Info: (620) 665-3500
  • Non-Emergency (Plant Facilities): (620) 665-3590

Email Addresses

  • Admissions:
  • Business Office:
  • Campus Store:
  • Distance Education (Online Classes):
  • Financial Aid:
  • Human Resources:
  • Media Contact:
  • Residence Housing:
  • Technical Support:

Program Information

Hutchinson Community CollegeThe Online LPN to RN Bridge Program at Hutchinson Community College is one of the most comprehensive Online LPN Programs available. An LPN may request advanced placement in the Associate Degree Nursing Program, and HCC encourages Individuals to contact the director of the program in connection with this.

The program is very popular so it is important that you get your application and all required documentation submitted as soon as possible. Remember that is you should end up on the waiting list you need to continue to meet all the admission requirements so that you can be admitted to the program should an opening arise.

The award is an AAS award, which is an award that requires at least 2 but less than 4 years of full-time equivalent college work.  This degree requires 64 credit hours.

Contact: LINESSA REXFORD (620)665-4938
Department Co-Chair: DEBBIE HACKLER (620)665-4931
Department Co-Chair: LORETTA HORTON (620)694-2455

Admission Information

Graduates of an accredited high school or the equivalent are eligible for admission to HCC.  Students who do not meet college entrance requirements may enroll with special permission.

Admission to the Online LPN to RN Bridge Program is granted by the selection committee, who meet on an as-needed basis. You can apply to be accepted into the Online Bridge Program March 1 through July 30 for the class starting the following January. It is in your best interest to ensure that your application is completed and submitted in time.

What you must do in order to meet this responsibility:

HESI Entrance Exam: You must successfully complete the entrance exam before being admitted. You may take the exam twice during an application process.

Transfer Exam: If exams are not taken at the HCC testing facility or a Prometric testing site, most recent official test scores must be sent directly from Elsevier to the ADN office. Transfer exams must include all required subjects to be accepted

Required Subject ADN Program Benchmark

  • Biology 75 % or higher
  • Human A and P 80 % or higher
  • Math 77 % or higher
  • Reading 80 % or higher
  • Vocabulary 80 % or higher

Application to HCC: Submit an application for admission to Hutchinson Community College. This can be done at

Application to OBP: Submit an application for admission to the Online LPN to RN Bridge program between March 1 and July 30.

Criminal Background Checks/Drug Screening: All students seeking admission to a nursing program will be required to submit to a complete background check. The cost of the background check is the applicant’s responsibility.

Appointment: Schedule an appointment with Nursing Program Director or Faculty Member.

Transcripts: Submit official transcripts from your high school, GED transcript, and transcripts from any all colleges and/or vocational schools to:

HCC Records Office

1300 North Plum

Hutchinson, KS 67501

Selection Criteria: Every phase of the admission process is evaluated according to a point system.  A sample of the scoring sheet for this is available upon request. Applicants will be ranked based on the total points received.

Waiting List: Students who are put on the waiting list must continue to meet all admission criteria in order to be eligible to fill vacancies if they become available.

Program Requirements

You can do your LPN to RN Online Bridge Program at hours that suit you; after work or on weekends for instance. It is good to bear in mind that online study is not all sunshine and roses though. To be able to complete a program online you will need to be very dedicated and self-disciplined as it may not always be easy to study alone or when everyone else is out having a good time.

In order to study online you also need some technological equipment such as a laptop or access to a computer, a fast Internet connection, e-mail access, and at least a basic understanding of how a computer, the Internet and various programs work. Many individuals are a bit technophobic, and this puts them off of doing online courses, which is a great pity.

Fortunately most online schools offer an interactive learning platform for online students, and at Hutchinson Community College this is the student portal Dragon Zone. Here you will be provided with email, online courses, transcripts, information about important campus announcements, schedules, account balances and other services, news, books, and events. Dragon Zone is a very interactive platform that gives your online learning experience a personal touch that you may not find as easily at other online schools.

Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into the LPN to RN Online Bridge Program, you need to satisfy certain requirements over and above what you need to do to gain entry to Hutchinson Community College, as detailed above.

Complete Program Prerequisites

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology (must be within 7 years)
  • English Com I
  • General Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Microcomputer Literacy (must be within 5 years)
  • Pathophysiology
  • Public Speaking – can include Speech or Interpersonal Communication
  • Microbiology (must be within 7 years)
  • IV Therapy. You must be in possession of a current Kansas license as a Practical Nurse when submitting your application
  • You must be IV Therapy certified in Kansas
  • You must be CPR certified at Healthcare Provider Level prior to the start of the program. The Healthcare Provider Level CPR MUST include instructor/student skill demonstration component
  • If you graduated as an LPN more than 3 years ago, you must have 1000 hours documented work experience within those previous 3 years
  • Your GPA for all general education courses within the completed curriculum MUST be at 2.75 or higher
  • All general education courses within the curriculum must be at a grade of “C” or higher
  • The overall college GPA must be 2.0 or higher

Plan Of Study

In order to complete your LPN to RN Online Bridge Program at the Hutchinson Community College, you will have to complete the following:

  • AL226: LPN IV Therapy (4)
  • BI103: Human Anatomy and Physiology (6)
  • BI112: General Microbiology (4)
  • EN101: English Composition IA (3)
  • HR212: Pathophysiology (4)
  • IS103: Microcomputer Literacy (2)
  • NR117: Transition: Basic Concepts, Principles, and Skills (5)
  • NR207: Transition: Advanced Principles of Adult Nursing (7)
  • NR215: Children and Family Nursing (3)
  • NR216: Maternal-Infant Nursing  (3)
  • NR217: Transition: Issues and Trends in Nursing (2)
  • NR220: Crisis Care (6)
  • NR221: Leadership and Management Concepts in Nursing (3)
  • PS100: General Psychology (3)
  • PS102: Human Growth and Development (3)
  • SH101: Public Speaking OR SH210: Interpersonal Communication (3)


Additional Credits Required – 3

IS103 Microcomputer Literacy class may not have been taken more than five years ago.


It is important that you know what the fee structure is when applying to do an online LPN program, although you should not just base your vote on the cost of the program as the most expensive is not always the best and vice versa.

Hutchinson Community College has one of the most reasonable tuition and fee structures in the state of Kansas. There are various scholarship opportunities, financial aid and work opportunities, and the college is very willing to assist anyone who needs financial aid to assess it.

The Fee Structure for the LPN to RN Online Bridge Program is as follows:

Estimated Yearly CostIn StateOut of State
Tuition for a Year$ 1 968$ 2 712
Books$ 1 000$ 1 000
Est. Academic Cost$ 2 968$ 3 712
Tuition per Credit$ 82$ 113


Due to the fact that HCC has such a diverse body of students, it offers a wide range of scholarships for both full-time and part-time studies. These scholarships do not need to be repaid although some of them may require the student to maintain a certain level of academic success.


You can access various grants for your studies at HCC. Many of these are government grants, and you will need to complete a FAFSA in order to access them.


An education loan must be repaid with interest and eligibility is generally though not always based on financial need. Federal student loans come with limits as to how much aid a student can receive and the maximum fees and interest rates charge is set by Federal law.


Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid is determined for students who annually complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Students who require Federal Financial Aid must complete a FAFSA annually, and it is recommended that you get your application in early as award packages are determined as early as March for the upcoming academic year. You will only be eligible for those packages that are available at the time that your application is fully processed and only if you meet eligibility requirements.

The basic financial aid requirements for Federal Aid are:

  • You must be enrolled at HCC in a degree-seeking major and meet HCC’s Enrolment Requirements.
  • You must make satisfactory academic progress as stated in the HCC policy.
  • You must complete and meet FAFSA eligibility.


Ensuring that the college at which you study is accredited is very important, as you will not be able to sit for the NCLEX licensure examination unless you qualify from an accredited institution. This means that apart from the fact that you will not find employment, as most employers insist on graduates from accredited institutions, you will essentially have wasted your time and money.

Hutchinson Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which is part of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

The Online LPN Transition Track At Ball State University

When deciding to embark on a nursing career, it is wise to consider all avenues of study, including online LPN courses. Making use of the Internet to do your research saves a lot of time and travel. Find out what schools are near you, which options they offer and which will suit your circumstances. Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, offers a wonderful opportunity to apply prior coursework towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, otherwise known as a BSN. You can satisfy any non-nursing course requirements with transfer credit via online courses or courses through the Independent Learning Program offered by Ball State University.

The distinct advantages of going this route are that prior learning counts towards your BSN and you will be able to acquire your BSN without having to complete additional coursework. By taking advantage of the online LPN courses offered, you will be able to study in your own time and at your own pace, and will save money too.

College Information

Ball State University was officially established in 1965, and according to their website they are “more than just educators” – they are “educational entrepreneurs.” Ball State is a very reputable university, which The Princeton Review refers to as “one of the best in the Midwest.”

Ball State is passionate about education, and boasts a cornucopia of academic opportunities, including approximately 180 undergraduate majors and pre-professional programs, and in excess of 100 master’s and doctoral degrees. They have an excellent and dedicated faculty, with more than 90% of the classes being taught by professors. Bell’s online master’s degree in nursing is constantly rated amongst the best in the US.

“Education Redefined” is a registered trademark of BSU, and they live this out in the way that they utilize emerging media in their immersive learning programs. Ball State provides an educational experience that integrates projects with community partners, research, and capstone experiences into the syllabus. The facilities are top-notch, and the university is continuously investing millions of dollars to ensure that students have the best technology available to them.

Bell State believes in the Indiana community and is an integral part of it via various projects and research to drive innovation and uplift the economy. BU partners faculty and students with local leaders on development projects as part of their Building Better Communities initiative, so that Indiana can become an ideal place in which to live, work and conduct business.

Online and Distance Education
Carmichael Hall, Room 200
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Phone: 1-800-872-0369 or 765-285-1581
Fax: 765-285-7161

L.P.N. Transition Track Program Information

The L.P.N. Transition Track program begins with a summer semester that is designed to allow you to either demonstrate or acquire the knowledge and skills generally required of students by the end of their sophomore year in the traditional four-year baccalaureate program. This course is only offered if there is a minimum of ten students wanting to take it.

The L.P.N. transition track makes it possible for you to use previously earned general studies and science credits for the baccalaureate program. You can also transfer some elective credit hours and other required courses from other institutions. Ball State Core Curriculum or General Studies courses can be taken on campus or done via correspondence as independent learning courses through the School of Extended Education.Ball State University

The Associate Director of the Baccalaureate Nursing Program is available to work with you on a one-on-one basis in order to develop an individual plan of study for you. This will include advising you of the prerequisites that you need and determining the best way forward in order to complete the nursing sequence and university Core Curriculum requirements.

Admission Information

The application page on the Ball State University is simple and easy to use, whether you are a new student or one who wishes to transfer credits from another university or college. If you have any further questions regarding individual online and distance education programs, BSU offers a live informative session for which you can sign up, and chat in real-time with one of the faculty advisors.

For specific questions and more information on the L.P.N. Transition Track Program contact:

Baccalaureate Nursing Secretary
Room: CN 418
Phone: 765-285-5570

L.P.N. Transition Track Program Requirements

In order to study online you will need to be self-disciplined and have a high-speed Internet connection. You will never need to attend class on-campus, but will participate in online class discussions and submit all assignments via the Internet.

You will keep in touch with your instructors and classmates via e-mail, file sharing, online chats, web-page posting, discussion boards, and possibly even by phone. BSU offers all the technical assistance that you may need in order to accommodate online learning, so do not worry if you are not a computer genius.

BSU provides you with useful information to assist you with your online studies. This information can be found in various places on the BTU website, where you will be able to find out all you need to know about Blackboard Overview and Tech Support, Mediasite Classes, Web Conferencing Classes and Opening, Viewing and Attaching Files.

Admission Requirements

In order to be accepted into the L.P.N. transition track, you must complete an application and be accepted to Ball State University.

In order to qualify for admission you will need to:

  1. Submit an Indiana LPN license which is current and unencumbered, and be in good standing with the Indiana State Board of Nursing.
  2. Disclose any criminal background. Be aware that you may not be admitted if you have a criminal background.
  3. Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher in a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of required courses. All of your previously attempted undergraduate hours will be calculated into the GPA.
  4. Be in possession of credit with a grade of C (2.00) or higher in FCSFN 340, COMM 210,  EDPSY 250, EDPSY 355, HSC 180, or an equivalent transfer course.
  5. Have credit in PSYSC 100, CHEM 101, BIO 113, and SOC 100 with a grade of C (2.0) or better.
  6. Have credit in ANAT 201 and PHYSL 210 or 215/299x with a grade of C (2.0) or better or be enrolled to do these courses at the time of your application.
  7. Prerequisite courses for nursing may only be repeated one time in order to gain a grade of C (2.00) or above.

If you meet all the above criteria except for the GPA of 3.0, you may apply for provisional admission.

Applicants who are selected for admission to the baccalaureate nursing program and do not accept a space must reapply if they later change their minds and wish to enter the program.

All applicants must submit their applications plus sealed official transcripts for any and all undergraduate course work attempted from each institution, including BSU.

Plan Of Study

Prerequisite courses necessary for the L.P.N. Transition Track program include:

Core Curriculum
ENG 103 – English Composition 1 (3)
ENG 104 – English Composition 2 (3)
PEFWL – Physical Education (2)
MATHS 125 – Mathematics and its Applications (3)

Nursing Prerequisites
ANAT 201 – Fundamentals of Human Anatomy (3)
BIO 113 – Microbiology for the Health Sciences (5)
CHEM 101 – General, Organic, and Biochemistry for the Health Sciences (5)
COMM 210 – Fundamentals of Public Communication (3)
EDPSY 250 – Human Growth and Development (3)
EDPSY 355 – Adult Psychology (3)
FCSFN 340 – Principles of Human Nutrition (3)
HSC 180 – Principles of Community Health (3)
PHYSL 210 – Human Physiology 1 (3)
PHYSL 211 – Human Physiology 2 (3)
SOC 100 – Principles of Sociology (3)

Summer Semester (11 credit hours)
NUR 234 LPN – LPN Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing (5)
Elective (3)
Elective (3)

Fall Semester (17 credit hour)
NUR 330 – Adult Health 1 (6)
SOC 382 OR PSYSC 241 – Social Statistics OR Statistics (3)
HIST 150 – Western Civilization (3)
Elective (2)
International / Global (3)

Spring Semester (18 credit hours)
NUR 340 – Adult 2 (6)
NUR 350 – Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (4)
NUR 322 – Research in Nursing (3)
Fine Arts (3)
Elective (2)

Fall Semester (14 credit hours)
NUR 404 – Community Health (3)
NUR 406 – Nursing of Childbearing Families (4)
NUR 408 – Pediatrics (4)
Distributive Elective (3)

Spring Semester (15 credit hours)
NUR 430 – Adult Health 3 (4)
NUR 425 – Leadership and Management (4)
NUR 423 – Seminar: Transition to Practice (2)
Elective (2)
Humanities (3)

Total = 126 Hours


The fee structure for Online and Distance Education Students working towards their bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, undergraduate certificates, or taking 100- to 400-level courses is different to those studying. The following costs are purely to help you to estimate what your online L.P.N. transition track may cost.

Your total tuition as an online student will consist of:

  1.  Basic tuition or per-credit-hour fees
  2. Technology fee
  3. Program and/or course fees—applicable only for some courses or programs

1. Basic Tuition (Credit Hour Fees)

Online and Distance Education Undergraduate Tuition Per SemesterIndiana Residents: Online, Distance, or Online Independent Learning courses Out-of-State Residents: Independent Learning courses Out-of-State Residents: Online or Distance Education courses
1-11 credit hours
Most online and distance students take 3-9 credit hours per semester
$ 270 per credit hour$335 per credit hour$477 per credit hour
12-18 credit hours$3,512 flat rate$3,512 flat rate plus
$65 per credit hour
$3,512 flat rate plus
$207 per credit hour
19 or more credit hours$3,512 flat rate
$270 per each credit hour over 18 hours
$4,682 flat rate plus
$335 per each credit hour over 18 hours
$4,682 flat rate plus
$477 per credit hour over 18 hours

2. Technology Fee

Credit HoursCost Per Semester for Indiana and Out-of-State Residents
1-3 credit hours$58
4-6 credit hours$110
More than 6 credit hours$168

3. Program and Course Fees

CourseCost Per Semester for Indiana and Out-of-State Residents
Nursing majors• $125 program fee per fall and spring semesters; $75 per summer semester
• $3.50 for all clinical nursing courses with a lab to cover liability insurance
• $60 per clinical nursing course

Credit Card Fees

If you use a credit or debit card, an extra 2.7 % of your total bill will be charged to cover the fee passed on from the credit card companies to Ball State for processing.

Fees do not cover the cost of textbooks and other learning materials required in courses.

If you have any further queries about tuition or estimating your bill, you should contact the bursar’s office.

Loans And Scholarships

There are various loans and scholarships available to online students, including those offered by the universities themselves. Ball State University offers the following scholarships amongst others:

  • Academic Recognition Awards
  • Alumni Scholarships
  • Completion Scholarship
  • Departmental scholarships
  • Ellison Scholarship
  • Freshman scholarships
  • Nursing Scholarships
  • Presidential Room and Board Award
  • Presidential Scholarships
  • Scholarships for transfer students
  • Whitinger Scholarships

In order to apply for any of the above scholarships you will need to complete and file a FAFSA form, which can be completed online or downloaded at Completing the FAFSA form does not cost anything, and it will also give you access to any state scholarships or grants for which you may qualify as a BSU student. The priority deadline is March 10 each year.

For any further questions regarding financial aid, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.


If you complete your studies at an institution that is not accredited, you stand the chance that prospective employers will not take your qualification seriously. You will also be at the back of the line when it comes to getting gainful employment. It is for this reason that you need to do thorough research into where you are going to do your online LPN course or the L.P.N. Transition Track program, to ensure that the institution is accredited.

Institutional accreditation is a voluntary initiative that institutions undertake to have done. Accreditation includes a comprehensive and critical self-assessment driven by five key criteria, being the institution’s vision, mission, goals, programs, and resources. This self-examination is also used by the institution as a means of ensuring accountability and to plan for improvement. The process takes approximately two years and culminates in a peer review team visit to the college or university campus.

Accreditation assures students and prospective employers alike that the university or college meets with the quality standards as established by an independent, non-governmental organization that is committed to the enhancement of higher education.

Reputable schools will usually have all the requisite information regarding accreditation on their website. Schools that do not have this information freely available on their websites should be treated with suspicion. You can contact them and enquire as to their accreditation status, but if it is not displayed on the website then they most probably are not accredited and should be avoided.

Ball State University currently holds a 10 year accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, awarded in 2004. BSU has begun the process of applying for continuing accreditation, which entails the appointment of a steering committee and five sub-committees; it demands campus-wide involvement, including representation from all areas of the university. Students, staff and faculty are given an opportunity to provide feedback and input as the self-study report is developed. The on-site visit by the peer review team is scheduled for 2013–14.